Overseas tours into 2022 - October Update!

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As we prepare to return to overseas holidays, we are busier than ever before, liaising with our many birding and wildlife friends around the world. While we know that most countries are now officially ‘open’, Heatherlea will only run holidays where we are satisfied your health and safety are the top priority, and also take great care to ensure holidays can run in a proper manner. This means constant contact with our agents on every continent, checking and confirming the vital details for every departure. 

We have also updated all our friends with details about our employee-owned status, which gives us great cause for optimism as we return into the new worldwide birding market, and we hope to take you with us!

To give you just a feel of how things are going, we decided to share just some of the responses received from our agents during the last few days! Each link takes you to our first available tour in that country, then please roam around to see more.

This is fantastic news Kevin. I hope we will be back in business soon. Things are getting better here, and I hope we will receive clients soon.

Congratulations Kevin. I am sure by means of you, and other Board members, Heatherlea can expand holiday contents when the globe re-opens. We are glad to know that you are safe and good, and waiting for the first light of the morning same as us. We, your local agent in China, are looking forward to seeing you as soon as possible!

Hi! I will work on the spring-time bookings and advise. It is still hard to predict the situation but it's hard to believe that it will get too complicated. At least we have seen some tourism activity returning in recent months.

It was my pleasure hearing from you. We managed to overcome the pandemic crisis and hope too to recover our co-operation in 2022. During the pandemic, we also managed to build a bird watching hide and establish a protected area in the north of Armenia. This site is now also included in our itinerary. Kind regards!

Kindly find enclosed 'revised' outlined itinerary, basically this is the same itinerary as proposed previously; nothing has changed, but we added a few more places to visit along the way, just to diversify the program a little bit. Wishing you all the best!

Greetings Kevin, this is wonderful news indeed, I am very happy to hear about the new wonderful developments at Heatherlea. This is really great for our Kenya and Tanzania tours; and we are all excited about the bright future. Yes, there is now hope, we shall be very glad to host the groups here. Have a wonderful weekend and pass our greetings to everyone!

Many thanks for your kind email to inform me from first hand and I am so glad to learn that the content of your letter was this! Great to hear that you figured out how your great company can get through these difficult times and can come out even stronger. Wish you and the Heatherlea team all the best!

Congratulations to all! Let's keep in touch through the winter as things become, hopefully, easier and clearer.

Thanks for the update, an employee trust is a bold and worthy development deserving of success. Good luck to all involved.

Yes we are very well, fully vaccinated and ready to start guiding trips again. I would like to tell you that the situation is going well here in Morocco and the tourists are starting to come and also some international events (rallys & marathons) are currently busy here.

It is indeed very good news that Heatherlea has been changed to Employee trust. This is surely a good move from you and hope all staff are happy to be partly owner of the company. This move indeed make all motivational and encourage to be more inspirational. I read the employee owned company link - congratulations to all!

CENTRAL SPAIN (Extremadura)
I am so happy  to read your email, with splendid good news! I would like to congratulate Emma on her new position, and wish to all of you in your company a very good business future. We hope that next year we can have a very successful business period! Very warm regards! Have a wonderful week!

Thank you for your message. That is all really positive news! I am so happy to hear that everything is going well and ready to thrive again with travel opening up! Costa Rica has restrictions in place, but most do not apply to the tourism industry, and we have worked hard to preserve the ease of travelling for tourists.

Hola Kevin, hope this mail finds you well. It's so nice to hear you made such a change and this will take Heatherlea to the next level for sure. All those heads, hands and hearts in this new configuration will make Heatherlea greater and we are happy to help you trying to achieve that goal. In that sense, we are ready to help you in any sense we can. Here we are alive and kicking and working hard with a tour starting to run in Brazil in a few days, and one to NE Argentina. So, things are starting to move again.

We will be happy to resume our partnership and we are very glad to hear about the new developments with Heatherlea and the expansions you are planning. I myself am optimistic about the future of our travel business and our co-operation. In spite of all the difficulties and restrictions, it seems we will be able to resume our full selection of tours in 2022.

It seems that the world will be opening little by little and we are able to travel again. And what great news, already two tours confirmed! All the best!

It was super to read about your changes at Heatherlea, and well-deserved congratulations to Emma on being appointed Director. We are delighted to think we may soon be able to return towards normal. Since I wrote to you yesterday, there have been some further (good!) changes to India’s entry requirements. I am providing a summary of the situation, together with an overview of the current entry requirements to help with your plans and perhaps help encourage your clients to consider a tour to India soon.

Don't forget to use your Worldwide Holiday Planner to keep us in touch with your plans!

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