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In July 2021 Heatherlea became an Employee-owned company, and in November we paid our first Staff Bonus! We decided to pay the same amount to every employee; MD Kevin Shaw said 'This was our first Bonus payment, and I wanted everyone to know that in our team there is no-one more important than any other, so we paid a flat rate sum to everybody. It doesn't matter whether you are the MD or one who washes minibuses or makes beds, we need you all equally'. Another innovation was the inclusion of Freelance Guides in the payment. "Our Guides are obviously key people, and some are on the payroll, others are not. At the point where we are busy recruiting and organising our Guides Rota for 2022, we wanted all Guides who will be in the team in 2021/22 to be fully included. This payment above and beyond the company payroll is an important initiative!"

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